About Us

Nigeria’s 1st Weightloss Reality TV Show, the faSttest shedder , is a registered Nigerian Trademark, created by Seyi Olusore of Shedams Fitness to enlighten Individuals about the benefits of incorporating fitness and healthy eating habits in their daily lives with special attention to those who want to shed more kilos the right and safe way.

Contestants are kept in a boot camp under assistance and supervised conditions which includes daily physical exercise, healthy eating habits, nutrition coaching, mental tasks, and entertaining activities, with the aim of helping them lose weight to keep fit.

Deborah Ogundiran emerged as the Winner of Season 1 with a total weight loss of 27.1kgs and a % Weightloss - 18.8

Ada Onwubuya recorded a Total Weightloss of 26.55kgs, and emerged as Season 2 Winner, with a % Weightloss - 23.1

Yetunde Bajomo had a % weightloss - 26.6, after shedding off a record 31.6kgs to emerge as Season 3 winner.

Each Season kicks off with National Auditions, where registered Participants are made to undergo Mandatory Vital Medical Screenings, and share their Weight Stories, Experiences and Expectations with the Judges: Lepacious Bose, Lolo (Adaku of Jenifa's Diary), Madey, Askdamz, Kathleen, Joel and Shedams.

Shortlisted Participants move on to the next Stage, which is the Medicals, and those who pass are to proceed to the Final Screening phase, which is done by Voting.

Selected Participants with the highest Votes will hitherto be referred to as Shedders of Nigeria's 1st Weightloss Reality TV Show- the faSttest shedder

Each contestant starts with a weigh-in to determine his/her initial stats which will serve as the baseline for determining the overall results. the faSttest shedder is determined by the Shedder who has the highest percentage weightloss relative to his/her initial weight.

Various plots and twists, based on Shedders with lowest % Weightloss are also introduced in the course of the game while they are housed in a secret location for 90 days, and all their activities will be documented and broadcasted on TV.

The Shedders go through various workout sessions from Certified Fitness Trainers: Uche, Nkem, LakeCole, Gfitness and Shedams.

They are also enlightened, re-orientated on meal plans and healthier food options as this is enforced all through their entire stay in the show. Side attractions such as Themed Team Tasks, Creative Skills, Branded Competitions, Food Temptations, Masterclass Coaching, Celebrity Visits, Psychological Therapy Sessions, Spa Treats e.t.c.

Our Objective

To create a unique social-oriented platform where Overweight and Obese Persons can go through a holistic (Diet/Exercise) program, get acquainted with tips on fitness, healthy living, share their weight loss stories, get support and encouragement from Experts.